How Do Hurricanes Affect Your Understanding Of Climate Change?

Regardless of individual "opinions" on global warming (despite some claims to the contrary, climate change isn't really a matter of opinion), there is no escaping the fact of last summer's wicked hurricane season or the news that this year’s season is expected to again be more hazardous than the long term average. While we all probably have anecdotes about the ways that climate change is affecting life as usual - folks living in coastal areas are the ones living with the starkest realities of climate change. We are interested in how the "Inconvenient Truth" has had an impact on big life choices.

To our south US coastal readers: if a tropical storm affects your life this year, please send your observations to TreeHugger's "Tips" address after the storm passes. Our purpose is to learn how a storm changes how people think about their lifestyles and climate change. We do not want to hear from anyone immediately prior to, or during a storm! Your post-storm responses would be collated into an anonymous journal that summarizes how our on-the-scene readers are doing.

Image: Pazuzu, the "king of the evil wind demons," Iraq ca. 800-600 B.C. Bronze