How Climate Disinformation Spreads (Video)


The indispensable Peter Sinclair is back with another one of his fine video segments from the Climate Denier Crock of the Week series. This one tackles the subject of exactly how anti-climate science stories get framed and repackaged, and proliferate around the online community. Using a few recent examples as case studies, this quick film does a good job of highlighting how the denier noise machine tends to operate.

As you can see in the video, it's common practice for a small, often inconsequential statement or mistake to get seized upon, blown up, and carried around like an Olympic torch (too much?). That's how the story of a scientist wondering whether his estimates for sea level rise were wrong because they were too conservative can somehow be transformed into a Bill O'Reilly segment on how sea level rise isn't going to happen at all. It's how the line "hide the decline" in an email between colleagues somehow topples decades of collected data pointing to warming global temperatures. It shows all you need is a megaphone, an agenda, and a willingness to disregard scientific data to trumpet whatever narrative will turn heads or appease the global warming-hating far right.

It's a travesty--and as some commenters below will surely evidence, people out there are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

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