How About An Entire Book On A Single Poster To Save Paper And Space?

darwin origin of species book poster photo

For a while I have been thinking of getting a Kindle. It saves trees and eliminates the impact of transportation and with Amazon's recycling scheme in place as well as the fairly long lifespan of the Kindle, the problem of e-waste seems less worrying (read about a new study that finds Kindle greener than printed word). On a personal level I find it very appealing to be able to travel light and still have access to my books and papers. It also saves space at home and since my local library is a bit behind on my reading (that's what happens if you live in Spain but favour English writers), getting a Kindle might not be such a bad idea. So when I asked my Twitter followers what they thought of the Kindle vs real books eco-dilemma, Annabelle sent me the link to All The World's A Page in response to my quest for 'lighter books'. This company in Germany publishes whole books on single posters!

all the world's a page book posters photo

All The World's a Page Posters. Left: The Origin of the Species. Right: The Tragedy of Macbeth

My favourite one is Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species, all on a single 70 x 100 cm sheet with its 198.941 words in 779 lines of 2,8pt text, completed with a drawing of Darwin's diagram showing the divergence of species. All The World's A Page manages to fit entire books on a single sheet keeping it legible and very beautiful (although they don't specify what kind of paper they use). This is definitely one way of saving paper and space, even if it might be a bit impractical to carry a poster (and a magnifying glass) around, unless you decide to fold it (ouch!) and then you could even print on both sides to reduce the amount of paper even more...

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