House Collapse Due to Climate Change to be Documented


Images from Kane Cunningham

It looks glorious but you wouldn't want to own this house on a stunning cliff overlooking the sea. Three houses have already had to be demolished on safety grounds because the land is slipping away and this one is the next to go. It's a 200ft. plunge to the bottom.

Artist Kane Cunningham has paid £3,000 for the doomed bungalow and intends to document and film its slow demise, including its last sunrise. He said "It's the perfect site-specific installation -- a stark reminder of lost dreams, financial disaster and threatening sea levels. It's global recession and global warming encapsulated."


Image from Mail online

The artist is using the small bungalow as a studio, and painting the landscape from it. He hopes that local artists and poets will brave the perils of the locale and come up with ideas about its existential position. Members of the public will also be asked to send letters.
Cunningham intends to rig the place with cameras so he can document the whole event. He is going to take apart the house and make sculpture out of some of the materials. These will also fall into the sea with the house. His work has always been about "understanding the social and political context of landscape" so this is a natural progression for him.


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There will be an exhibition of the photos, paintings and video which he intends to call "Last Post". He came up with that name because "the address will one day cease to exist and so it's a rare opportunity to participate in an original and unique work of art".

He only paid £3,000 for the doomed house and he put it on his credit card. He did that as an artistic statement: "The purchase of this house on my credit card is a deliberate financial transaction suggesting the link to credit, sub prime mortgages, property ownership, debt, loans, the financial markets, property speculation, boom and bust."

The site should have been worth £150,000, if not for the location. The vendor was philosophical; and said he was "resigned to's just the way things have happened."

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