Hot Summer Nights? Sleep Cool And Cut Electric Bills With a Bedfan

Bedfan Cools Your Hot Summer Nights graphic

Home air conditioning accounts for about 5 percent of U.S. electricity usage. In the winter, snuggling under the comforter and turning the thermostat down is a time-honored tradition, but what about in the hot and sweaty mid-summer season?

Texan Ken Tompkins wanted to cut his high summer electric bill by turning his thermostat up, so he designed a small fan cooling system that attaches to a bed. The fans nestling next to the floor underneath the bed blow cooler air up into the sheets, moving body heat out of the bed. Sounds kinky but Bedfan claims it can cut an electric bill by up to 20 percent in summer if the user turns a home's thermostat up around eight to ten degrees. At around $90 the unit could soon pay for itself - though of course multiple beds mean multiple Bedfans. While for many homes it wouldn't replace air conditioning unit or HVAC systems, for climates where unbearably hot evenings are generally only a handful per year it could replace the need for a summertime only unit. For hot climate living, Bedfan could take some of the strain off of a solar air conditioning system. The Bedfan uses around 10 watts of power and can move 100 cubic feet of air per minute. Via ::Bedfan
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