Host a Party, Help Oscar-Nominated Sun Come Up Raise Money For Climate Change Refugees

While all the green-themed films currently up for Academy Awards are worthy contenders, and I'd really encourage you to see all of them if you get a chance, the producers of Sun Come Up--a beautifully shot documentary which follows the relocation of the Carteret Islanders to neighboring islands as their ancestral home gets submerged by climate change--recently contacted me to give a plug for their House Raiser campaign to raise money for the relocation program. Here's what's happening:

Sun Come Up is launching a House Raiser campaign to help build the momentum of the Oscar nomination. 50 parties in 50 different homes. Each home commits to raising funds for the Carteret Islanders by February 27th, the date of the Academy Awards. All donations will go directly to the Carteret Islanders' relocation program toward the building of new homes.

As a House Raiser Host you commit to raise at least $400, with the first 50 hosts receiving a copy of the film on DVD

Click here to sign up. You can also spread the word to your network by posting our widget on Facebook.

More info: Sun Come Up: Turn your Oscar party into a House Raiser!
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