Honda's New Hybrid... Snowblower

We just couldn't pass this one up. Honda has unveiled a new mid-size snowblower with a hybrid powertrain, the HSM1590i. It is not Honda's first: they released one that had the blades powered by gasoline and the crawlers powered by electricity back in 2001. This new model is powered by Honda’s 15hp, 438cc iGX440 engine which powers the snow-removal parts and charges two 24V battery packs which in turn power two independent electric motors. "The iGX440 engine achieves emissions levels approximately 30% lower than those stipulated in the US EPA’s Phase 2 emission standards and the California Air Resources Board's Tier II emissions standards. Fuel economy in auto mode has improved over earlier model engines by approximately 22%. The snowblower will debut 12 December 2005 at Honda power products dealers throughout Japan." Take note: The girl doesn't come with the machine. ::Honda Releases the HSM1590i, via ::Green Car Congress