Hollywood's 7 Greenest and Darn Cute Celebrity Babies

4. Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose Urban's Locally-Grown Veggies

Thankfully for little Sunday Rose, glam mom Nicole Kidman ditched the crazed Hollywood life for a more peaceful one on a Nashville farm. Nicole and her hubby Keith Urban want their daughter to be raised in a simple and sustainable environment. As part of their country living, Nicole reveals to Vogue Magazine, she’s started to become more self-sufficient on their ranch.
I have an organic vegetable garden. This is a path I’d not taken before. My mum’s always gardened. My sister gardens. And I’ve now conformed to the Kidman women’s hobby of gardening.
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5. Halle Berry and Daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry's Luxe Green Nursery

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Ok, so baby Nahla scored big time in the gene pool with gorgeous parents Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. But beautiful and famous parents aren’t her only blessed beginnings. Mommy Halle is devoted to giving her baby girl an eco-friendly home life. The couple spent $60,000 putting together the ultimate environmentally sound nursery. Plus, Halle's a big fan of organic disposable diapers. She tells People magazine’s Web site, "There are so many things out now that you can use. I’m going to really try hard to make it all organic."

6. Kelly Ruherford and Son Hermes Gustaf Daniel's Toxic-Free Home:

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This little guy is growing up to be mommy’s little helper. Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, who’s currently her expecting her second child, says her son is already a big help around the house. Unlike most young tots, Hermes likes to help clean up and thankfully he’s learning to do it in a toxic-free way. His mom, a big greenie, uses Seventh Generation’s toxic-free products.
Hermes loves to help clean--kids love to do whatever you do. He sees me spraying things and I like the Swiffer, so we do a lot of Swiffering. He loves to help me and I never fear that if he does go under the sink, he’s going to get sick from chemicals in cleaning products.

7. Soleil Moon Frye and Daughter Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg

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Ok, so this baby girl has got a mouthful for a name, but mom Soleil Moon Frye made up for it with major access to all things green. The actress-mom (and former star of Punky Brewster) is co-owner of L.A.'s hip eco-friendly baby store, Little Seed. The store is one-stop eco-shopping for bedding, skincare, toys, and all things baby. So, it's no surprise Jagger arrived into this world equipped with all the right green goods. The actress revealed to People Magazine's Celebrity Baby Blog,
I was trying to figure out which would be more eco-friendly; to use all of her (first daughter) Poet's stuff, or get everything new from the store. So I did a little of both. I used Poet's changing table and armoire. I got an eco-friendly crib from the store, and all organic bedding...And a bunch of other goodies from the store, like rattles and teething toys.
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