Hollywood's 7 Greenest and Darn Cute Celebrity Babies

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Some celebrity parents go gaga for silly names; others green baby gear. The crazy-name game is beyond our scope, but we do applaud Hollywood’s penchant for raising eco-conscious tots. Seems when the maternal instinct kicks in, even the most gold-minded star’s heart turns green. Yes, stars can afford to buy the best eco-everything--but let’s not be haters. Instead, it's refreshing to see celebs wanting to make a positive difference. So on the heels of the big news of our new site dedicated to everything for the TreeHugger tot, WeeHugger, here are seven celebrity babies who we hope will use their rich eco-beginnings to sustain a greener future.

1. Julia Roberts and Son Henry Daniel Moder

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Photo left via 24 Time Pass. Photo right via The Insider

This 2-year old is one lucky tot! Not only is his mom America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, but he and his twins sibs, Hazel and Phinnaeus, are also being raised in a green environment. Mom Julia is totally into the hip eco-lifestyle and is making sure her kids are too. The actress is not only feeding her family organic food, but also growing it. Julia tells People magazine:
The children love it and I think it’s the best training for them. I think when children know their food sources they’re more inclined to eat what they’re growing because they’re so proud of it. To watch my kids eat kale is a pretty proud moment for me as a mom.

2. Jessica Alba and Daughter Honor Marie Warren

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Photo via Celebrity Gossip

The daughter of actress Jessica Alba and her hubby Cash is one green baby. This 9 ½ month-old-baby is decked out in organic baby wear and sleeps soundly in top-notch Sage Creek organic crib sheets. Jessica vowed to be a green mommy, adding, "I drive a Prius and I try to recycle as much as I can. I bought a house, and I’m doing all eco-renovations." Prior to baby Honor’s birth, Jessica dropped big bucks on the ultimate green nursery with designer Kari Whitman.
I wanted to make this environment as non-toxic as possible. When I was doing research on furniture, I thought NurseryWorks was really cute. I told them I wanted formaldehyde-free wood and low-VOC paints.

3. Matthew McConaughey and Son Levi Alves's Buried Placenta

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Photo left via vb.ozq8.com. Photo right via The Insider.

With two beach-loving parents, like actor Matthew McConaughey and Brazilian beauty Camila Alves, seems Levi is destined for a crunchy green childhood. Impending fatherhood inspired Matthew to get a green ‘tude. The actor whose motto is ‘just keep living’ also applied that earthy cred to his son’s placenta. He saved the placenta to plant it in an orchard. In an interview with CNN, the actor says he was inspired to do this after visiting Australia and seeing a tree that had grown with the placenta of a tribe of Aboriginals. "It’s going to be in the orchards, and it’s going to bear some wonderful fruit," says Matthew.

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Hollywood's 7 Greenest and Darn Cute Celebrity Babies
Some celebrity parents go gaga for silly names; others green baby gear. The crazy-name game is beyond our scope, but we

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