"Hollywood Rides a Bike" is a Cycling Love Story through Movie Star History

Hollywood Rides A Bike© Hollywood Rides A Bike
. Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth, The Lady in Question, 1940.

If it's rare, vintage, and oozing with Old Hollywood Glamour, you know I'll love it. While I could just as easily be referring to my love of classic fashion, this time, my eyes are glued on photos in Hollywood Rides A Bike, a new book out by Steven Rea, published by Angel City Press.

Hollywood Rides a Bike© Photofest/Hollywood Rides a Bike
. Brigitte Bardot, A Very Private Affair, 1962.
Hollywood Rides a Bike© Hollywood Rides a Bike
. Sophia Loren and Rik Battaglia, Woman of the River, 1954.

This photographic ode to celebs on wheels--that Lloyd gushed about last year--brings Rea's eponymous Tumblr, Rides A Bike, to print with 125-pages packed with photos, featuring stars from Brigitte Bardot and Bogie to Sophia Loren and the master of mystery himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

Hollywood Rides a Bike© Agence France-Press/Getty Images
. Alfred Hitchcock, Cannes, 1972.

Bike lovers will hardly be disappointed: it's packed with classic models and one-of-a-kinds. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Bike aficionados will appreciate the streamlined angles, artful detail,and old-school craftsmanship on the cruisers and roadsters, folders and tandems, English lightweights and the occasional trike, triple- and high-wheeler.

Hollywood Rides a Bike© Hollywood Rides a Bike
. William Holden.

When asked to name the top photos from his collection, Rea told PublicBikes.com:

Lauren Bacall, just 20, in 1945, with her screen debut “To Have and Have Not” just about to be released, leaning against a bike on a studio sound stage having a cup of coffee and looking totally cool.

But you'll have to buy the book to see that snap. Here's her former husband, Humphrey Bogart, below.

Humphrey Bogart, circa 1945© Photofest/Hollywood Rides a Bike
. Humphrey Bogart, circa 1945.

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"Hollywood Rides a Bike" is a Cycling Love Story through Movie Star History
From Brigitte Bardot to Bogie, "Hollywood Rides a Bike" is a photographic journey through classic movie history.

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