Hollywood Bike Patrol: Studs in Spandex, Tim Robbins to the Rescue

Last week's bike patrol generated much discussion about helmet use. Perhaps this week we'll parse the relative merits of biking shorts? In this edition: Travis Barker, Matthew McCanaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong, Isabella Rosellini, Tim Robbins, and Owen Wilson. Don't forget to send your Bike Patrol tips to kyeann(at)treehugger(dot)com.

Ecorazzi gives us Travis Barker, and a tip on the ubiquitous McCanaughey/Gyllenhaal/Armstrong buddy biking. TMZ updates with news of a possible split among the trio. Be sure to check out the creepy Studs in Spandex video.

Some classic sightings from Gawker Stallker:

August 16:

Last Saturday the 12th, I saw Isabella Rossellini biking 2 blocks from her house (in a cul-de-sac....very Knots Landing, circa 1980s) in Bellport, LI. She was wearing a white ensemble and big dark glasses. She was with a young lady (17 or 18?) who was also on a bike....could be her daughter, not sure.

May 8:
I was biking on 14th near 8th last night when some dude riding shotgun in a black sedan leans out his window and yells something I can't hear as the car passes by. When I catch up at the light he's all, "Be careful, your back reflector isn't working properly," and I'm all, "Thank you... Tim Robbins." As it turns out the reflector's just gone (I had no idea!) so I'm getting a new one today. Tim Robbins may have saved my life.

Vintage viewing from tipster Lauren:

I was strolling one Sunday afternoon with a friend on a small street in Rome, somewhere not too far from the Pantheon. We were looking for ice cream, when I noticed an English-speaking blond guy rolling casually by next to a friend on a a beautiful old-fashioned bicycle. The voice sounded familiar, maybe because of that Texan drawl... I looked over, recognized the crooked nose, but didn't put two and two together about it being Owen Wilson until my friend and I had rounded the corner.