His Holiness the Dalai Lama Offers Hope to the Eco-Stressed


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After attending three days--12 total blissful hours--of His Holiness' teachings this past weekend in NYC, I'm in a much calmer state. (Is the live broadcast footage of real time oil spill leaving worry lines across your forehead too?)

I feel blessed to have received his teachings in the face of what's been one disaster after another. Without getting into the more "religious" aspects of his teaching (this isn't a Buddhist journal--sorry Buddha fans!)--H.H. did share a secular message of hope in his pre- and post-teaching interviews that might soothe the nerves of other eco-worriers like me. Oil Spill is Nothing But Disaster, But We're Still Getting Better
In a recent article from The Huffington Post,

The Dalai Lama said that in the mid-1950's and 60's, there was a genuine desire for peace. By the end of the 20th century, the additional responsibility of looking after our planet came into being.

That despite the slick mess of black sledge, we have evolved in the grand scheme of things.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner's recent interview with Anne Curry on NBC's morning show also revealed some pearls of wisdom.

Anne Curry's first question poses, how are we able to sustain some sense of contentment in the face of such planetary disasters like the oil spill?

His Holiness replies,

These problems are temporary. The human being has a gentle nature and a creative nature. A lot of these problems are man-made. So logically, we have the ability to overcome these problems.

You may be thinking: how in the world can I, nor should I, remain content during such a crisis?

With the little background I have of H.H.'s teaching on contentment (Samtosha in Sanskrit), it's a practical antidote to the paralysis we might experience in such a heavy, helpless situation. What good is paralysis when you aspire to benefit the environment (whether it's through volunteer work, science, blogging, education, etc.)?

All of this is to say, I will heed H.H.'s wisdom by seeking the golden lining in all of this. If his prediction is right, we may end up coming out on top. This prediction, however, is contingent that we as individuals and as a society take sensible approaches to finding solutions to our challenges and hold corporations like BP accountable.

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