Hippo Works Helps Kids Get Hip to Climate Change


Simon the Hippo and his friends are enlisting kids to help them in their fight against climate change, which they explain through a series of entertaining Flash "cartoonlets."

With the assistance of this animated menagerie, grownups can help their offspring understand the basics of green power, why CFLs matter, and how a few mindful actions around the house can make a difference. By engaging children in an accessible and positive way, we can move beyond the dire predictions and instead focus on solutions that can help us—and, more important, them—adapt to a changing world.

A memory game reinforces the steps anyone can take, while The Extinction Game draws attention to animals in peril. Plus, teachers can download a Global Warming Teacher Lesson Plan so they can begin a conversation about climate-change issues in their classrooms.

Hippo Works has also joined forces with Wildlife Works to offer its own line of organic cotton tees and recycled paper products. Bonus: Proceeds from all purchases go toward Wildlife Works' animal sanctuary in Africa. ::Hippo Works

Tags: Biodiversity | Conservation | Extinction | Games


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