Hillarating and Hypermiling: Mother Jones, January-February


If you don't know either of the H-words in the title, don't worry: both are coinages introduced in the most recent issue of Mother Jones. "Hillarating" was created by writer Jack Hitt to describe the strong reactions (OK, the hatred) elicited by former First Lady, current Senator, and potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in his article on the subject. "Hypermiling" is an activity many treehuggers probably already engage in at some level: tailoring one's driving habits to increase fuel efficiency. Writer Dennis Gaffney reports on a few days he spent with the "King of the Hypermilers" Wayne Gerdes, and the techniques (not all of which we'd recommend) that he uses to achieve miles per gallon ratios that are regularly 50% above average.

Other feature in this issue of MoJo include a profile of "...cable's high priest of populism, Lou Dobbs," a look at highway privatization efforts by Indiana governor Mitch Daniels and financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs, and a breakdown of the financial considerations involved in installing a solar power array on a home. The January-February issue is available at bookstores and newsstands; a subscription costs $10. ::Mother Jones, January-February, 2007