High School Students Produce a Hip Hop Anthem Connecting Green and Social Issues (Video)


Photo: Green For All

Last February, a group of high school students from the Twin Cities won the top prize in the Dream Reborn Contest, calling for music honoring the legacy and call to service of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Calling themselves the Climate Change Crew, the students produced the song "Change is Needed." Declared winners by popular vote, the group won a $1,000 prize and the chance to have a professionally made video of their story.

Watch the video after the jump.

The contest was sponsored by Green For All, a national organization working for environmental, social and economic justice. Joseph Adamji, a Green For All fellow candidate who works with the students, said of them:

From educating themselves and their peers, to learning from and serving their communities- knocking on doors in cold Minnesota winters to raise awareness of an emerging green economy through events they hold, these kids are an example of the power in the creativity of young people, even in the midst of difficult times.

And the Climate Change Crew conveys a powerful message in its personal statement:

We believe that if decisions are made to address climate change with intent to also address current social problems, we can reshape and rebuild our communities so that they are sustainable, both socially and environmentally.

In our day-to-day work we are informing our generation about climate change problems and solutions, and are working both to be, and strengthen, the voice for our communities on this important issue. We work on the ground to make our communities sustainable by organizing our neighborhoods around urban agriculture projects, providing people living in food deserts with access to fresh and nutritious foods.

The students also had the chance to express themselves in a video about their stories, and how they connect the issues of environmental justice and social and economic justice. One, Dedrian Davis, lives across the street from Interstate 94, the six-lane highway whose construction in the 1960s razed the Rondo neighborhood, once a vibrant black community:

These students set a remarkable example for the rest of us. "Change is Needed," calling for green collar jobs and opportunity for all, points out what's at the heart of the green movement: beyond LEED certifications and electric cars, it's about making the world a healthier, fairer place.

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