Hi, My Name's Moby, and I'm a Vegan (Exclusive Video)


This is Moby. He's a vegan. That hat protects his face from the sun. Photo: moby.com.

If you're a regular TreeHugger reader, then you probably already know that musician Moby is a vegan. And we probably don't need to tell you what's so green about being vegetarian. (In case you need a refresher, though, check our founder Graham Hill's recent TED talk: Why Graham Hill Is a Weekday Vegetarian, and Why You Should Be Too.) Recently, he published a book on the topic, with Miyun Park, executive director of Global Animal Partnership, called Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety (Thinking Twice About the Meat We Eat). Moby admits that he's got an agenda, albeit a simple one: "to end animal suffering," and jokes that his advocacy could land him in Vegan Anonymous. But though the topic of vegetarianism can be a polarizing one (aren't all binary propositions?), Moby and Miyun aren't trying to convert anyone. In the exclusive video after the jump, they describe the book -- and make their case -- in a refreshingly un-preachy fashion. Peppered with useful facts (meat eaters' kitchen sinks are dirtier than toilets?) and filled with essays by savvy green food experts such as Frances Moore and Anna Lappe, John Mackey, and Lauren Bush, Gristle takes a critical look at the labor and environmental issues associated with factory farming, as well as the health consequences of a carnivorous diet. Global hunger, zoonotic diseases, community, and political subsidies, too, are interwoven into here -- as they should be. So whether you decide to go veg after reading Gristle or not, there's no doubt it will make you think twice about what you're putting on your plate -- and how got there. Ultimately, Gristle is a book about compassion and respect -- for the animals we choose to eat or not, how we treat our bodies and health, and how we resolve our consumptive appetite and relationship to our natural resources.

Thanks for the kind words about TreeHugger, Moby!
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