Hey Ma! Here Comes the Maker Faire!


It’s on, kids. Coming up this weekend is the Maker Faire at the San Mateo Fairgrounds near San Francisco. Part science fair, part Burning Man reunion, anyone in the vicinity should really consider making their way to what is likely to be a completely wild and spectacular gathering of DIY wizards, mad geniuses, and grassroots tech-enthusiasts. Hosted by Make Magazine, this is the first Maker Faire ever, so there’s really no saying what’s going to happen, but take a look at who’ll be there and you can start to get a mental picture. Among the many wonders to be found at this family-friendly event will be: a real live Swap-O-Rama-Rama (as seen on TreeHugger TV), build your own wind power generator workshops, the Bio Ninja, the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo, and CalCars, who will be performing a plug-in hybrid conversion over the course of the weekend. We’ll even have a TreeHugger booth set up, so if you get over stimulated, Sean can stroke your head and sing to you. As if this wasn’t all enough, bring your old electronics to the Maker Faire to be recycled and they might just end up part of a veggie-oil powered parallel computing cluster. Bring your family, bring you camera, bring your helmet. :: The Maker Faire