Hester Street Fair to Open with Festival of Ideas NYC (Event)

hester st fair opening day photo

Photo: courtesy Hester Street Fair

Summer weather is finally here and with it comes a much-loved weekend past time: flea market shopping!

The Hester Street Fair, co-founded by by SuChin Pak and Ron Castellano, is opening their gates one week from today on Saturday May 7th (10am-6pm)--go mark your calendar, now--and they're kicking off the 2011 season big with the "Lower Feast Side Food Festival," in partnership with the LES BID and the New Museum's Festival of Ideas.

hester st fair jewelry

Photo: Emma Grady

Besides the good eats, the fair will return with a number of local vendors carrying hand made and collected goods. They just have to meet certain criteria: "it is good, it is made by people who have passion for what they do and it is something different or a twist on a favorite."

hester st fair jewelry

Photo: courtesy Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair co-founder and Planet Green talent SuChin Pak speaks to TreHugger about the success of the fair, below.

I think that the slow food and local movement, the DIY culture and the "small footprint" trend has had the biggest impact on why markets like ours have been so successful. Savvy consumers want to know where their food and goods come from, they want their money to be spent on the quality of the product rather than fancy packaging or a giant chain store.

And the continuing trend of DIY culture, where consumers are getting involved in what they own, eat and purchase, has created a huge demand.

Congratulations, SuChin and The Hester Street Fair team! I am especially excited about all the vintage fashion and estate jewelry--big surprise. Looking forward to another season and I'll see you there.

Lower Feast Side Postcard opening day photo

Photo: courtesy Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair is located on the corner of Hester and Essex Streets. For a complete list of vendors, visit The Hester Street Fair

Have you been to the Hester Street Fair? What did you think of the eats, treats, and other goodies? Tell us in the comment section, below.

Also a stylist and the founder of PastFashionFuture.com, Emma Grady is the resident fashion expert at TreeHugger.com. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.
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