Help Wanted: TreeHugger Looking For Interns

TreeHugger is growing rapidly and needs the help of some smart, organized and dedicated people. We can't pay anything at this point but this may change in the future when we start to break even financially. This experience will teach you a lot about environmental media/blogging and will give you particular expertise in the area of focus of your internship.We are looking for interns to work side by side (likely virtually/online) with some of the TreeHugger staff. The areas we are looking for help in are tech* (see below for more details), video and audio production (TreeHuggerTV), advertising, editorial and marketing. We are also looking for an assistant for the founder (located in NYC, preferably) to assist across all areas.

Key attributes are organization, familiarity with the internet and working virtually, a sense of humor and solid writing and people skills.

If interested, please send a brief paragraph as to how your qualifications map to TreeHugger's needs and a resume to mike [.-at-.] treehugger [.-dot-.] com. Mention the area of interest in the subject line. Please include when you can start, how many hours per week you can put in and until when you can intern.

Also needed:

A product design expert to do lifecycle analysis of products, able to outline in as much detail as possible how certain products are or are not "green". Can come up with basic objective standards in addition to subjective editorial. Might be a paid position.

* Technology:

Here is what we're looking for:

1) Someone familiar with phpAdsNew to do an install on the new server and copy everything over.

2) Someone familiar with Pligg (ideally) or any "digg-style" software - a php or JS guru who can build a user-run image upload and thumbnailing feature. Ideally, this is someone hot with php, templating, social bookmarking, and user-communities.

3) Someone familiar with Movable Type to do some basic maintenence in the Movable Type install.

4) Server expert to work on some speed optimization for the site.

5) HTML/CSS standards guru to get TreeHugger properly valid and speedier.

If you don't know what any of the above means, you're probably not who we're looking for.