Help Redesign BP's Logo In Greenpeace Competition

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Greenpeace in the UK started a wonderfully clever competition to create a new logo for BP in protest of their investment in the Alberta tar sands; events overtook them as the gulf spill became the poster child. And this is the company that was once going "beyond petroleum."
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There are three categories: professional designers and design students, the general public and those under 18. Enter before 5:30 GMT on 28 June.

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Greenpeace writes:

The winning logo will be used by us in innovative and exciting ways as part of our international campaign against the oil company. We're after the best ideas and concept, not necessarily the slickest logo. So if you're not a professional designer don't worry. If you're the overall winner we're offering you a day with a top graphic designer to transform your idea into a final product.

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Enter at Greenpeace Behind the Logo and see them all so far on Flickr
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