Help No Impact Man Have an Impact

We complain that politicians aren't doing enough about the environment, but Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, is actually doing something about it beyond just writing- He is hitting up his congressional representative to introduce "an effective global warming mitigation policy that is based not on what is politically possible but on what is scientifically necessary."

Colin is asking the House to set a goal of no more than 350 PPM of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the number that is called the red line for humanity. (read Bill McKibben here about Project 350)

He is asking for a little help as well- he wants to back it up with 3,500 emails of support. He has a cut and paste template all set up at his site. As a bribe reward he has five copies of "What Would Jesus Buy" (TH review here, TH interview with producer Morgan Spurlock here)

So get out your scissors and mucilage and go to ::no impact man