Help Earth Day Reach a 'Billion Acts of Green' by Pledging Yours Today

Earth Day a Billion Acts of Green, Harlem Globetrotters Earth Day Network/Video screen capture

Join a billion people around the world participating in Mobilize the Earth as part of the Earth Day celebration this April 22. The event calls on all of us to stand up on behalf of the planet and demand its protection. A Billion Acts of Green is an Earth Day Campaign aimed at collecting pledges of small gestures that individuals can make to be more earth friendly that together make a big impact.

Watch the Harlem Globetrotters Pledge an Act of Green

To illustrate how simple these acts can be, three members of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters cut this PSA for Earth Day to pledge their acts of green. Cheese, pledges to use less water, Hacksaw pledges to recycle, and Dizzy pledges to save energy by unplugging and switching off electronic appliances.Millions of acts have already been pledged but you can register yours to help Earth Day reach A Billion Acts of Green at the Mobilize the Earth webpage. While you're there find a local Earth Day event in your area or start your own.Even some social media sites are encouraging members to make pledges. Wiser, the social network for sustainability, is encouraging their members to participate in the Billion Acts of Green pledges.I’ve pledged to help build a garden and turn off electronic appliances. What will you pledge?
Help Earth Day Reach a 'Billion Acts of Green' by Pledging Yours Today
This Earth Day a billion people around the world are pledging one act of green to mobilize people around the world on behalf of the planet.

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