Help Animal Planet and NWF's Gulf Cost Recovery Project

oil covered pelican photo

Image credit: IBRRC/Flickr

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it seems, is only getting worse. As countless gallons continue to gush into the Gulf, oil on the East Coast looks likely and, even as some cleaned birds are released, countless more are left to die.

Clearly, the time has come to take action. One way is to help Animal Planet and their partner, National Wildlife Federation, with their recovery efforts.Currently, NWF, one of Animal Planet's ROAR partners, is mobilizing teams of volunteers to take stock of the dire situation along the Gulf coast. These Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams will monitor more than 10,000 miles of coastal wetlands, marshes, and beaches for signs of impact.

Collecting data twice daily, the teams will provide information that will form the foundation of impact maps essential to both short-term recovery and long-term restoration.

It's a huge job and these teams can't complete it alone. Right now, Animal Planet and NWF are collecting donations of equipment for the Surveillance Teams. Among the items needed are: 200 GPS units, digital cameras, and gift cards to purchase items, in addition to basic items such as clipboards, sunscreen, water Bottles, pens, and more.

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