Heathrow Residents Speak Out For Squatted Community Garden (Video)

Transition Heathrow residents photoundercurrents/Video screen capture

If you abuse a domesticated animal, it can be taken away from you. But if you abuse a piece of land, usually nothing happens.

That's why anti-runway campaigners squatted a disused piece of agricultural land near Heathrow Airport, turning it into a vibrant community space. While the site was subject to a raid during the royal wedding, the activists are still there and still engaging with the local community.

But tomorrow sees them in court again, facing another eviction attempt. But supporters are rallying around and, by the looks of things, that includes a number of the site's neighbors. It turns out that despite what the tabloid newspapers might have us believe, having friendly, productive squatters next door is infinitely preferable to absentee landlords and vandalized, neglected wasteland.

Who knew?

Heathrow Residents Speak Out For Squatted Community Garden (Video)
Residents don't always welcome squatters moving in next door. But in Heathrow, England, it was infinitely preferable to the alternatives.

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