Heal My Paws

Now that the winter months have finally passed here in the Northeast, it’s time to take a look at the damage all that shoveling and salting may have done. And we’re not talking about your driveway or walkway – we’re talking about your pooch’s paws. Now hopefully you used the tips that we mentioned during the blizzard months, but for those of you that might not have a choice (living in communities or such) we ask that you do help your furry friend out. Heal My Paws is an all-natural conditioning balm that provides relief for chapped and cracked paws which might get infected. It’s great for dogs that spend a lot of time outside year round, but can also act as a protective layer in the winter that will help seal out the salt, ice and snow. The formula, made from organic ingredients such as hemp butter, beeswax, Roman chamomile and sweet thyme to name a few, leaves pads soft and supple and is not harmful if it’s licked and ingested. Just think about the relief the Dukester will feel. $12.00 Via ::Local Harvest [by KD]