He Raise Your Head



A woman stands before a red curtain. She’s wearing a white knee length dress with blue polka dots. Her lips are moving (they have slightly too much lipstick on them). Her voice is barely audible, and it’s impossible to tell what she is saying. She’s drowned out by a hum of white noise.

Suddenly. Rammstein. Loud.

As the music fades again, we catch the last words of the woman’s speech. She says something about solar panels.

It seems David Lynch is hosting a sustainability weekend.
Lynch is a long-time advocate of meditation and consciousness-based education through the David Lynch Foundation. The full theme of the weekend is Creativity, Sustainability, Peace and Consciousness and it is being held at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa on April 25th-28th . Lynch will be giving a live talk about creativity and pure consciousness, and there will be lectures and campus tours on the theme of sustainable living. Also on the program are Moby, Donovan and quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin who will be speaking on quantum physics, spirituality, and peace. Apparently the University has just finished a 50,000 sq. ft. LEED certified building, features an off-grid living community, an on-site biodiesel plant and many low impact technologies (see our previous post here).

::Lynch Weekend::Maharishi University of Management::via press release::

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