Have You Ever Had a Broken Heart? The Museum of Broken Relationships Needs Your Donations

divorce dwarf photo

Photo: new.brokenships: Divorce Day Mad Dwarf, 20 years,Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Oh, it's cryin' time again, you're gonna leave me..." Think of the song that makes you remember the one that got away. Then think of a whole museum of objects signifying all of the ones that got away. It's sad.

Have you ever had a broken heart? The Museum of Broken Relationships is about to open in London. They want your donations. Be part of a global emotional history.

picture frame photo

Photo: new.brokenships: A Box made of Matches, 1973-2000,Maribor, Slovenia

Created in Zagreb,Croatia by a couple (who have now split up), the Museum has a large collection of personal, random and varied items representing lost and broken relationships. Each one is exhibited with the dates and locations of the relationship, and a story by their anonymous donors. The Museum has travelled to twelve countries. For the London arm of the tour, they are opening it up for donations.

demined soil photo

Photo: new.brokenships Demined soil, short, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Take back your mink, take back your pearls.." It's not the big ticket items that tear our heart strings, it's the little, poignant items. Like a picture frame made out of match sticks, or a used wedding dress, or a bowl for making bread.

ex axe photo

Photo: new.brokenships: An Ex Axe, 1995, Berlin, Germany

Like the "ex Axe". This guy chopped up all the furniture that his ex girlfriend left at his apartment. Stacked it up in a neat pile, and left it for her to pick up. Ouch.

mira bowl photo

Photo: new.brokenships: A "MIRA FURLAN" Bowl, Almost 3 years, January 2003 - September 2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Some are funny, some are sad but most are of little intrinsic worth; they hold value because of who gave them to us. The exhibits in the Museum of Broken Relationships allow us to partake of a collective global memory. The Museum hopes that " hopefully they can also inspire our personal search for deeper insights and strengthen our belief in something more meaningful than random suffering."

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