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Hugg.com is a new take on getting your green news. It delivers you the latest news stories posted by readers, lets you post your own news, and gives everyone a chance to Hugg the news they like. Get the latest reader-posted stories as they line up in the queue, rate the stuff you like the most, and check out front page news that’s gotten the most Huggs. All the stories on Hugg come from readers who post on what’s interesting to them. Green orgs, companies and designers can post their content too. If people like a piece of news and give it enough Huggs, it’ll end up on the front page. Hugg is a new way to get, share, and rate green news.

Here’s what you need to do to get Hugging. You’ll want to do the easy registration if it’s your first time. Check the front page for the green news that’s gotten the most Huggs. You can also look in the queue for all the news that people have posted, freshest news first, and Hugg the stories you like. To post a story on Hugg, click on submit at the top of the page. It’ll ask you to enter the URL of the page you are linking to. Then enter a story title, tags (like keywords), and a summary of the news piece. You can also add an image (definitely a good move), which is hosted by TinyPic (at least for the moment). Then choose a category for the post and you’re on your way. Your news story will be entered at the top of the queue for readers to Hugg as they see fit.
Hugg is in its young Beta stage, so there’s lots more refining to do and sweet features to add like expanded user pages and more robust RSS feeds. Please let us know what you think and if you run into any bugs. We think Hugg could end up being really big. Please enjoy. :: Hugg
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