Have a Hippy Baby

There is something so anti-fashion about these hand-made baby clothes. They are irresistible because of their refusal to show off a child's clothing as a reflection of the parent's taste and success. They are so retro. Each one is unique. All of the clothes are made in the U.K., crocheted by hand by a group of women.They are made of high quality natural fibres--cotton, silk or cashmere and dyed with natural colours so they are soft on a baby's skin.

Their German creator started as a clothing designer, worked with luxury brands and then decided to give it up and focus her creativity on her first love--children's wear. She is too young to even remember the hippy days but somehow the look has been reborn in her crotchet needles. The colours are wild---nothing matches anything. Little girls dresses and jumpers, over-alls, sweet little shoes and scarves are a riotous mis-match of fun. With all the patches, stripes, and bright colours the dirt couldn't possibly show. Not for your chic yummy-mummy, but perfect for the next green fair. :: Teenytini

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