Have a book, leave a book. Need a book, take a book.

Here is an idea from Chicago that we really like; In fact, we may do it right in front of our house for all the magazines we read for TreeHugger. Ryan Duggan of Logan Square put it together: "I kind of got the idea in my sleep," he says. "One day I just woke up and thought, if I took one of those boxes and repainted it, I could fit a lot of books in there. Everyone has books worth reading that they're not going to reread." A free book exchange might get those books into the hands of people who would read them, Duggan thought. As the box says, "You give, you take, everyone reads!" Now, they have added a video exchange as well. As Spacing Wire says "And though it's true that huge cities on the scale of Chicago may have just that much more room for creativity and an artistic populace that could create such happenings as this — it's still somehow tiny and heartening to see something like a humble, elegant, book exchange box persist unmolested in the dense metropolitan grid of a city." ::Spacing Wire and ::Chicago Reader

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