HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Shroom Light by MIO


Before launching in to today's sneak peek, we have an announcement: HauteGREEN is looking for volunteers to help set up for the big show later this week. They're looking for help hanging the show and hanging lighting beforehand, as well as reception hosts during the event and help with breakdown next Monday. Anyone willing to help should contact hope(at)o2nyc(dot)org. Now, on with the post. We're coming down the homestretch before the big show this weekend; today we feature the Shroom Light by MIO (the same designer who brought us fabulous 3-D wallpaper, the Bale Chair and funky Light Capsule). Using traditional felt molding technologies and local manufacturers as a source of inspiration; the Shroom Light explores felt's natural beauty as a material for diffusing light. Material density softens and directs light, producing relaxing atmospheres that range from the warm and relaxed to the psychedelic and fun. Made from 100% wool, the Shroom Light is designed for easy disassembly for transportation and recycling. The shades are manufactured by one of the last remaining millineries in the US, and the design requires the use of compact fluorescent light bulb. Designed by Jaime Salm and Kate Wise, the shroom light works best as mood lighting for tabletop and floor use, and are ideal as nightlights or in clusters around living areas. ::HauteGREEN and ::MIO

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