HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Organic Cotton Upholstery by Mod Green Pod


Though still relatively young (we featured them soon after their launch a few months back), Mod Green Pod is making a splash on the sustainable design scene by putting a modern twist on the damask, a baroque classic, and you just might see their work at HauteGREEN coming up in a couple of weeks. In our ongoing series featuring the entries to the sustainable design show, we take a peek at their pioneering printed organic cotton upholstery fabric. They source their plain cotton canvas from a company that is a certified organic cotton fabric producer. The organic certification enforces not just strict rules to prohibit toxic chemicals from entering the process, but it also ensures that fair wages and safe working conditions are provided for everyone involved in the farming and post-harvest production. The fabrics are hand silk-screened on tables by skilled artisans in New England, using low-impact, water-based inks. The fabrics are then mechanically finished without chemicals. Says designer Nancy Mims, "One of our major goals is to educate consumers about the importance of choosing organic cotton products over conventional cotton. Conventional cotton represents but three percent of the world’s crops, yet it’s doused with 25% of all pesticides and 11% of all herbicides. We find this shocking and wish to push this message along to customers who may be unaware of this fact." ::HauteGREEN and ::Mod Green Pod

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