HauteGREEN Sneak Peak: Give It a Rest by Bambu


HauteGREEN is coming (we've mentioned it not once, but twice), and TreeHugger is pretty excited about it. Not only is Graham Hill, TreeHugger's founder and fearless leader, one of the curators, but each product is an outstanding example of contemporary sustainable design for the modern home, and finding the best of these is essentially the reason TreeHugger was born. In the next month leading up to the show, we'll be profiling some of the products entered in this year's show; sort of a sneak preview, to whet your appetites and give an insider look at the designs on display. Today's profile features the 'Give It a Rest' line of products entered by bambu. Part of TreeHugger's Best of Sustainable Designers series, their latest work is designed by Paris-based Godefroy de Virieu, and utilizes the unique characteristics of bamboo (one of TreeHugger's all-time favorite materials) to create a completely new and multi-functional everyday kitchen tool.

Bamboo grows "nodes" which are the natural separations in a bamboo culm. The designer was inspired by the bamboo node to create a patented design that cleverly integrates a spoon rest directly into the spoon handle. This conveniently elevates the utensil head, keeping countertops clean. Each is hand-shaped from a single piece of organically grown bamboo, then burnished and hand-finished with an all-natural food-safe oil. Ultimately, it's a product that solves a problem (imagine: no more sticky, oily, messy counters); isn't that what great design is all about? ::HauteGREEN and ::bambu