Hastings, Nebraska: Greenest City in America?


As part of its "Be a Better Planet" campaign, Yahoo!, has named Hastings, Nebraska, the greenest city in America. Hastings, Nebraska . . . the birthplace of Kool-Aid?

Perhaps Yahoo! is drinking too much of it's own Kool-Aid because Hastings, Nebraska--with a population of only 30,000--is already far "greener" than most US cities. Unfair advantage? Not according to Yahoo!. Ranking was based on citizen participation and environmental initiative. Hastings is a leader with such projects as: "conversion of methane to energy at its pollution control center, local production of Ethanol E85, extensive networks of parks, hiking, and biking trails, and installation of energy-efficient street lighting."
The "Be a Better Planet" campaign for "The Greenest City in America" is meant to promote Yahoo! tools, resources and communities on the Yahoo! Green site. According to Yahoo!, such a competition encourages internet users to learn about and take action against climate change.

Cities earned participation credits when citizens answered environmental questions, contributed information to Yahoo! Answers, conducted "eco-friendly" mobile searches on Yahoo! Search, and signed a pledge to adopt eco-habits.

Following the month-long campaign, the cities with the most citizen participation were named the greenest cities in America. The order came out as follows:

1. Hastings, Nebraska
2. Pelzer, South Carolina
3. San Carlos, California
4. Mill Valley, California
5. Topeka, Kansas
6. Dover, Delaware
7. Spring, Texas
8. Lawrence, Kansas
9. Walnut Creek, California
10. Fairfax, Virginia

As winner of the competition, Hastings, claimed a $250,000 cash prize and a barbecue for city residents. Lets just hope they use environmentally conscious charcoal . . .