Harry Potter (and The Green Press Initiative)

The Green Press Initiative is a participant in the Environmental Paper Network. This group of environmental organizations supports "socially and environmentally sustainable transformations within the pulp and paper industry." The Network also showcases case studies, like the work of Canadian social entrepreneur, Nicole Rycroft, whose work with Market Initiatives, was able to get the almost 1 million copies of Canadian Edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix printed on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper. An environmental saving of "39,000 trees, if virgin paper had been used, and more than 27,000 million BTUs of energy - enough to power the average North American home for 262 years." Go Nicole! What wizardry."The mission of the Green Press Initiative is to work with publishers, industry stakeholders and authors to create paper-use transformations that will conserve natural resources and preserve endangered forests." They do this by advancing awareness in the paper industry, providing a bunch of resources, such as lists of printers, suppliers and manufacturers and backgrounder papers. Additionally they are enroling these same folk to "make formal commitments to eliminate the use of paper with endangered forest fiber and to maximize the use of recycled, FSC certified, and alternative fiber paper that is produced chlorine free." Authors Fritjof Capra, Alice Walker, and Julia Butterfly Hill endorse their endeavours. ::Green Press Initiative [by WM]

PS. Borrowing a copy from the library would make this the novel even greener. But if you already own a copy, setting up your own lending library would get the same result. And as it happens we have just the resource for you to do that! Check out Delicious Library.