Happy Pi Day! It's The Celebration of All Things Round

It's one of our favorite days of the year, Pi day, a celebration of all things round. And why is it green? As Bucky Fuller would remind you, a circle encloses the maximum area per unit of perimeter, a sphere the maximum volume. It is theoretically the most efficient form.

apple pi© Foster and Partners via City of Cupertino
No doubt, in a couple of years they will celebrate the day with Apple Pi at a certain corporate headquarters, which has been in the news again recently; Kaid Benfield at NRDC discussed it in If you care about cities, return that new iPad, quoting TreeHugger's One Ring to Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them: Apple's New Headquarters

Gemma Atkinson rides a bikeGet on yer bike London/Promo image

Four years ago, Warren pondered all things round, including his favourite, the bicycle, noting Britain's Burgeoning Bicycling Boom.

On Planet Green two years ago, Kelly baked a yummy mushroom pi, describing how the family takes it very seriously:

My son, being a bit of a hipster geek, if truth be told, always celebrates Pi day which occurs on the 14th of March. 3.14—you get it. It's just a bit of lighthearted silliness. Sometimes Hugh gets his friends together and they bring pies and they eat them in public places. It gets messy.

domespaceSolaleya/Promo image

We also did a roundup of round and rotating houses, that Put a Whole New Spin on Green Design

round subdivision© Google Maps

Interestingly, just the other day I discovered Rotonda, a round subdivision in Florida, where everyone lives on roads laid out like pieces of pi. I wonder if they are celebrating today.

Happy Pi Day! It's The Celebration of All Things Round
We circle-in on all things round on March 14 and roundup our remembrances of Pi Days past.

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