Happy First Birthday Inhabitots!


Images from Inhabitot

Happy birthday Inhabitots, and many more. It hardly seems possible that just one year ago we wrote about the birth of this design and baby oriented blog. It's the progeny of the proud parent who started Inhabitat.

We wondered whether they would be able to raise a new baby blog and a new baby at the same time. And they have done it, with great style and a few spots of baby food on their shirt.


Image from Inhabitots

We have all followed the photos of the baby and the success of the blog. It is design-oriented but sensitive to the needs of new parents. That's because it was envisioned as a resource for parents, families, and anyone else interested in sustainable modern design for children. With a focus on areas such as furniture, lighting, decor, clothing, cleaning and transportation, all specifically targeted at babies, toddlers and kids, it still manages to capture the imagination of adults who just love the idea of good design for children.

hammock fun.photo

Who could resist this hammock which looks like so much fun....


Or this book case which any adult or child would love....


Or the contestants for the eco-cutey contest.

TreeHugger wishes the whole gang at Inhabitots our warmest congratulations on a great first year and and best wishes for many more years of posts about good sustainable design in the world of babies.

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