Happy Chinese New Year; Welcome To The Year of the Rabbit

chinese new year

Today is the Chinese New Year, and the start of the year of the rabbit. In honor of the holiday we round up our favorite rabbit and bunny posts from the TreeHugger archives, starting with

Epic Fail: Efforts to Fight Invasive Species Could Cause 'Ecosystem Meltdown':
Efforts to reverse the proliferation of invasive species on Macquarie Island, a 50-square mile piece of land located approximately halfway between Australia and Antarctica, have taken a disastrous turn for the worse--with the likely end scenario a complete "ecosystem meltdown." More in TreeHugger

Island Once Overrun by Rats Now Buried in Bunnies


Four years ago, the tiny Scottish island of Canna had a rat problem. The invasive pests were relentless, threatening the island's native bird colonies and other local wildlife. So, in 2005, the island's 20 residence called in rat-killing experts for help. Around two years and nearly a million dollars later, Canna is rat-free--but their troubles still remain, albeit in a slightly cuter form. As it turns out, the invasive rats were the one thing damping down the island's invasive rabbit population. Without the rats, a bunny-boom has occurred on the island and residents are fed up. More in TreeHugger

Dead Bunny Rabbits Burned for Bioenergy in Sweden

burning bunnies

Everyone loves bunny rabbits--they hop around gleefully, their noses twitch in that adorable way, and after they're dead, you can burn their corpses for bioenergy. At least, that's what they're doing in Stockholm, Sweden. See, they have a rabbit overpopulation problem in the Scandinavian capitol--the bunnies keep doing what they do best, and they're overrunning the plant life. So the resourceful Swedes came up with a solution: they kill the overabundant bunnies, toss their cadavers into a local heating plant, and keep the locals warm with dead rabbits. More in TreeHugger

Homegrown Rabbit is the Newest Trend in Urban Farming

good bunnies

Backyard chickens have been the go-to for city-dwellers looking to produce their own hyper-local meat. But, as Good explains, rabbits can be a much easier animal to raise in a small space. More in TreeHugger

Playboy Bunny Twins Protect Wild Mustangs from Angry Politician

playboy bunnies

Who said politics had to be boring? Case in point: here's a tangled web of a story that involves wild horses, Willie Nelson's daughter, an enraged conservative representative, and Playboy Bunny twins. Seriously. More in TreeHugger

Happy Chinese New Year; Welcome To The Year of the Rabbit
Epic Fail: Efforts to Fight Invasive Species Could Cause

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