Happy Birthday TreeHugger! Hip Hip ...


Peel back the foil, twist open the wire, set free the cork, let the organic bubbly flow. We're two years old. Yep. Some 7,000 posts later with 24,000 comments, from both learned and inquisitive readers, our modest little blog has been seen as high up Technorati's list, as the 53rd most viewed blog on the planet. Today we're 56th. We’ve been nominated for all the big awards, the Bloggies, the Webby and so on, but so far been the bridesmaid, not the bride. Reviewed in national magazines and newspapers, listed as a resource in books... blah, blah. But that’s all by-the-by. What’s really the bigger news is that through all the media clutter that is the websphere, TreeHugger really resonates with people. They get it. Deep down, you - our loyal readers - know that we need to green our lives, if the future is going to be one we want live in, and pass on to our families. It’s your enthusiasm, your vigour, that enthuses us to seek out the stories that encourage and inspire. Thank you for reading us for the past two years. Thanks for getting out there and metaphorically hugging those trees. We hope you’ll be sticking around to help us blow out more candles in the years to come. Don’t forget to tell us how we can grow up big and strong. (We probably won't become firemen and nurses, but we do want to save the world.)


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