Handmade Adaptable Baby Furniture


If you ever hit the Tag Sale circuit, you are sure to come across piles and piles of discarded baby furniture. So we were pleased to come across Nurseryworks, which creates handcrafted nursery furniture "that can evolve from the nursery to other areas of the domestic landscape." For example, the Loom Crib (with built-in changing table) and the Studio crib, designed by TRUCK Product Architecture. Both, offered in various shades of low VOC lacquer, turn into toddler beds — and later, daybeds. In the Studio Crib, a cabinet transforms into a built-in desk. The company also produces mod rockers which can slip into living areas, and drawers which double as changing tables. Sorry folks, this stuff isn't cheap. The Loom Crib starts at $590 plus $180 for a toddler/daybed conversion kit and the Studio Crib is $1780 plus $250 for a toddler/daybed conversion kit. But if one piece lasts only 10 years, instead of two, you've got yourself a worthy investment. ::Nurseryworks