Hacked Climate Email Event Fully Explained in Under 10 Minutes (Video)


Okay, I know I said I'd written my last post on the hacked climate emails last week, but this definitely warrants mention: I've come out of my brief retirement on the issue only to post this great, and thorough video on the whole non-controversy climategate affair. If there are any doubts left in your mind, watch it--it's after the jump.

That about wraps it up--the noise machine may go on making noise, the climate change deniers' champions like Limbaugh and Beck may go on yelling. But the only thing we need to worry about now is looking at the data collected by all scientific sources (not just the CRU)--which confirms that the 00's was the hottest decade on record--and awaiting the results from the actual investigation to make further judgments. And, of course, to wish the delegations the best of luck in Copenhagen in reaching a consensus for a global climate treaty.

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