Habitable Planets Available Soon

In the not too distant future scientists from around Earth will collaborate to produce a crystal clear view of a blue-green world - around another star. While this is just my guess, there is a growing body of astronomical observations of extra-solar planets. Add to this the new computer models which suggest that the habitable regions around known solar systems are rather abundant, and it looks like Earth 2.0 is very possible - even probable. I don’t think it is too early to begin a discussion here on Treehugger about how a discovery of a new ‘Earth’ will change our cultural values, and what a Treehugger might do?

Landing on the moon inspired the dreams of the baby boomer generation. Futuristic design became popular, and kids in droves studied science and engineering like never before. These themes are still a powerful force in the world today. While space tourism and landing on Mars has begun to capture our cultural interests, I can’t think of anything more exotic and fascinating then the idea of another blue-green planet. I think our ability to travel to another world is based on our desire to achieve those dreams. In what way will we approach this new world? What future design trends will be set by a charge into space? How will nations cooperate or compete for this new resource? Will a new planet be viewed as an ‘escape' and effect our long term ecological planning here on Earth? Will sustainable technology be enhanced or undermined? Or is this all just a bunch of bull?

I think us modern day treehuggers might just have a few good ideas. I’d like to know what you think. :: [by T. McGee]