H-Racer: The Perfect Gift For Kids Of Any Age


Need a birthday gift for the kid of any age who already got everything they wanted for the holidays? Well how about the H-racer; so far the smallest fuel cell car in existence anywhere in the world, and chosen as one of Time magazines best inventions of 2006. The creation of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, it was born out of the reality that an actual car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell is just too expensive and impractical to get past the prototype stage. However, on the small, nay tiny end it works just fine. So a toy was created instead, and by using the same technology that big-time automakers are using to develop zero-emission vehicles it’s able to be fueled entirely by hydrogen alone.But how exactly does the H-Racer work? Well, an external fueling station extracts hydrogen gas from distilled water by electrolysis, and sends it to a small balloon inside the car that acts as a storage tank for the gas. The hydrogen is then released slowly from the balloon into the on-board fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen to generate the electricity that actually propels the car's motor. It’s so easy to use that if you just add water to the solar-powered fueling station that comes with it, in about 10 minutes time your teeny, tiny car (16cm X 7cm) will be ready to roll in a straight line for about 100 meters. The hope is that ultimately kids who have fun playing with hydrogen cars will ultimately want to drive them, and as they get older while the real cars get cheaper… Well, I’m betting you can see the trend towards a greener future for us all.
via ::AmericanInventorspot.com

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