Gypsy Caravan Kicks off London Design Festival

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All images by B. Alter

London Design Festival 2010 is starting this week. TreeHuggers Leonora, Petz and yours truly will be pounding the streets to find the newest, hottest, chic-est and best design.

It's an eclectic mix, including an anti-design festival and a Transcendental Gypsy Caravan of Creativity. That's a gypsy caravan travelling the streets of London filled with treasures by artists, designers, furniture makers and jewellers. We found it in funky Camden town....

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Bought on e-bay by the indomitable Annie Sherburne, the caravan has been decorated by 60 different artists over the past few months. Annie wanted to have it horse-drawn through the streets of London to show how carbon neutral it could be but the complexities and red tape and cost of stabling a horse in London were overwhelming. Instead it will be dragged by a car removal truck to its home for the rest of the festival at the Oxo Tower.

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There the gallery will be filled with the work of different artists and crafts people that she has been working with, forming a sort of collective for the duration. They will be running workshops which will operate according to the principles of co design--artists and designers share their skills with the public from an environmental perspective.

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Two early joiners are the creators of these chairs. The one on the right was a project using customized recycled chairs. It is surprisingly comfortable because those chunks are not wood, but recycled bits of foam. The deck chairs are a recycler's delight. Using old frames, one is made of tennis and rubber balls, one of plastic bags and the other with clothes pins. Ouch.

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Also joining the fun was we all reuse. Working on her sewing machine in the middle of the street, this creative sewer and mender will fix up your old clothes in a new and creative way. Forget about plain old straight lines: she will make a work of art out of your tee-shirt for just £5. The London group meets regularly for clothing swaps, swishing and general creative fun.

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