Gwyneth Paltrow's Eco-Smart Life:

Pamela Anderson and Jason Bateman are also rocking the right eco-attitude' ..Some say Sting is not!

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, Gwyneth credits her two kids with motivating her. In July's Good Housekeeping, the actress reveals she now tries to eat only organic and locally grown foods. "When I'd read about what pesticides do to small animals, I thought, Why would I expose my child to that? I just want my kids to be as healthy as they possibly can. And I fell like eating well is the best start for living well."
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Jason Bateman's Green Wheels:

The actor arrived to the premiere of his superhero flick, Hancock, in his new green wheels. ...Yet, this BMW Hydrogen 7 isn't his to keep. Jason, along with fellow actors Brad Pitt, Kristen Davis, and Cameron Diaz, have all been given loaners by the car company to help show the world hydrogen vehicles really work in everyday life.

Pamela Anderson Gives Up Her Car:


Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson dumped her trendy wheels. The animal-loving celeb auctioned off her Dodge Viper. She hopes by giving up her "viper", she can inspire others to stop buying reptile-skin fashion items. Pam promises to give the money earned from the auction to PETA.
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Sting Pollutes The Environment?:
Or so claims some environmental groups! Sting is being slammed for chartering an environmentally unfriendly plane trip. The longtime green activist, who has called on others to cut back on their carbon emission, reportedly flew separately from his band-mates on a recent flight between Germany and London — even though his plane had space for 14 and easily could accommodate everyone!
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Jennifer Aniston's Green Claims:

The actress says she's an eco-savvy gal in July's Good Housekeeping. She takes three-minute showers to conserve water. Brushes her teeth there to save more water. ... And unplugs her cell phone charger when not in use. "When you become aware of all the things you do, and the effect those things have, you want to make small changes ." Now, if only Ms. Aniston were more aware of her "not-so-green" role as the face of Smartwater bottled water. Sure, she makes big buck off it — but it's hard to then believe her 'I want to make the world a better place' pitch.