gWiki: The Green Wiki

gWiki (think quickie, with a "g" instead) is the newly-introduced Green Wiki, a site meant to be both a source for environmental information and an outlet for those who are well-versed in the subject to spread the news of the green. The site is off to a good start, but they need our help. They're looking for articles about green companies, products, materials, issues -- basically anything that has to do with green. Like all wikis, gWiki relies on its community for content and editing. So, we're sounding the alarm to members of the community: take a moment and write an article or two about your favorite green subject or your area of expertise. With time, gWiki will become a rich and complex web of information that will aid the established members of the environmental community in their pursuits as well as people interested in adopting a greener lifestyle. So cruise on over there, take a peek at what's new, and leave your green footprint behind. ::gWiki