Guys Are Looking For Green Gals, Survey Finds

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A new survey, sponsored by the sporting goods company Timberland, finds that eco-friendly girls are more appealing to guys--meaning men like women who recycle, turn off lights when they leave a room, and drive more efficient cars. And, as it turns out, being careless with trash is one of the best ways to turn guys off. Over half the men polled agreed that they would second guess dating a woman who litters. Oh, and according to the survey, you may want to rethink your 'dinner and a movie' plans too.The 2010 Timberland Eco- Love Survey, which polled 1025 Americans, found a surprisingly high number of men considered eco-friendliness an important factor when deciding who to date. According to the survey, 54 percent of men in the United States would refuse to start a relationship with a woman who litters. Another 25 percent would question dating gals who don't recycle; 23 percent if they left the light on when they weren't home; 21 percent if they drove a gas-guzzler.

And, when it comes to finding the one, for a growing number of Americans Ms. Right will also be Ms. Green. The survey found that nearly a quarter of guys believe that "green" gals make better life partners than those who aren't so environmentally-conscious.

According to Timberland, the survey shows "American men are looking for eco-love"--and what better way to find it than on an eco-date? As opposed to a more traditional evening out, more than 40 percent of men would prefer an "adventure" date of hiking or rock climbing with a prospective partner.

Looking to get into the eco-dating world? The Eco-Love Survey has some tips to impress that special someone:

Almost three-quarters (72%) think Americans need to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, 57 percent think Americans need to green their daily commutes by carpooling, walking or biking to work and 47 percent want others to take showers instead of baths to save water.

It's not clear why the survey focuses on the green qualities guys are looking for in women, but I suspect the feeling is mutual. The numbers are certainly encouraging, and with any luck eco-friendly relationships will blossom from these "green" dating preferences.

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