Gulf Coast Telethon Draws Celebrity Support, Woody Harrelson Supports Tree-Free Paper, and More

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If you've been wondering why Hollywood hasn't come out in full force to support the Gulf Coast in the wake of the BP oil spill, you're not alone: The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (who you also know as Boone from Lost) "was literally asking myself, 'Where is Hollywood in this? Where are they? The people who love this area, the Brad Pitts of the world--where are they?'" That's why Somerhalder, who grew up on the coast, jumped on board immediately when Larry King asked him to join King's Gulf Coast relief telethon, airing Monday, June 21. "Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help" will also include appearances from Ted Danson, Robert Redford, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Philippe Cousteau, and many others -- and viewers who make donations can choose to support the relief funds held by the United Way, The Nature Conservancy, or The National Wildlife Federation. (Via Ecorazzi)

Josh Dorfman Named Dad of the Year

Photo: Josh Dorfman The Lazy Environmentalist's Josh Dorfman has built his reputation on showing people how to many green choices with a minim of fuss -- and applying the same principles to parenting just earned him the title of Dad of the Year from Swedish children's clothing company Polarn O. Pyret. Dorfman says that he chooses green options wherever he can for his two-month-old son, Shep, including cloth diapers and homemade baby wipes. And when it comes to baby's clothing, Dorfman understands why parents go for the inexpensive stuff -- but he says there's a greater cost to those outfits in the long run. "By spending a little more on quality clothing, you can actually spend less in the end, especially if you can hand it down to a sibling, cousin, or neighbor," he says. "Less clothing in landfills is better for the environment. It's an easy choice to make."

Hollywood A-Listers Turn Out for the Global Green Awards

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Photo via Los Angeles Times Global Green's annual Millennium Awards ceremony honored the environmental work of the EPA, Global Green president Matt Petersen, and James and Suzy Amis Cameron (among others) but the L.A. dinner also brought out celebrities including Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, Judy Greer, Sharon Lawrence, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rhona Mitra. Mad Men and Community actress Alison Brie posed for photographers in a Deborah Lindquist cocktail dress made of hemp silk, recycled cashmere and leather, and old cassette tapes. "It's really a great statement about fashion and eco-friendly activism today that there is this crossover," she told the Los Angeles Times, "where five years ago it was very difficult to find eco-friendly designers and fabrics, especially for higher-end stuff."

Woody Harrelson's Tree-Free Paper Plan

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Woody Harrelson -- actor, vegan, mountaintop removal opponent -- has put his support behind another eco-friendly initiative by investing in Prairie Pulp and Paper, an upstart company that makes paper without trees or chlorine. Instead, the Canadian company uses wheat and flax straw to make its products, and plans to turn out about 200,000 tons of paper every year. With reported interest from mass retailers like Staples and Office Depot, the technique could also provide extra income to wheat farmers in Canada who would be able to sell their extra straw at a profit. (Via Mother Nature Network)

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