Guerilla Gardening Goes Nano

guerilla gardening toronto photo

Spacing Toronto

The City of Toronto is home to many flying squads of Guerilla Gardeners, usually attacking neglected planters, traffic medians and forlorn strips of dirt. Some, finding those too few and far between, commandeered empty flower boxes. Now they have hit a new low, at urban intersections where there is not a patch of soil to be seen: nano-planting on poles. Spacing Toronto describes it.


Detail, from Spacing photo
The Toronto Cyclists Union’s executive director Yvonne Bambrick pointed out this new addition to the Queen and Spadina corner. Using the posters already pasted to the poll, some unknown individual must have carefully ripped, wrapped and re-pasted them into cones, filled them with dirt and planted the pockets with flowers.

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Guerilla gardening toronto photo

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flyer box guerilla gardening toronto photo

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