Guerilla Gardeners Hit London In The Middle Of The Night

Guerilla Gardening.jpg

"I just thought dammit, I am going to sort this out, so I set my alarm clock and got up in the middle of the night The police have stopped us loads of times, they just say, "What are you doing?" I say "Gardening." And they say, "Great."' These are the words of Richard Reynolds, the man behind London's growing Guerilla Gardening scene. Inspired by or rather depressed by the state of his Elephant & Castle housing estate Reynolds set about clearing it up and planting barren areas which were just full of litter. Guerilla Gardening is a popular phenomenon that we haven't discussed much here on TreeHugger. As Reynolds says in his recent double page spread in the Evening Standard Magazine 'I thought I'd invented it, but in fact, when I Googled "guerrilla gardening", I found it was everywhere: New York, Toronto. Toronto's full of guerrilla gardners.' It turns out Reynolds is certainly not on his own and there a quite a few Londoners who are turning up to help out, as well as others who are donating money and plants to the project. Even Richard and Judy are in on it! As Reynolds says on his website lots of people have subscribed since the recent Evening Standard Article and we are hoping that this TreeHugger post might encourage a few more. So if have you're having bouts of insomnia and can't sleep for worrying about the state of you local area, then why not get out of bed and plant something. But, I hear you ask, if the police are down with it then why plant in the middle of the night? Well Reynolds says he prefers to work at night. 'Otherwise you come up against councils and red tape. Plus, I like being a bit secretive about it. I like the idea of people waking up and thinking, "Oh! Who did that?"' ::Guerilla Gardening, thanks to Olivia Stewart-Liberty for her article in the Evening Standard Magazine and to tippster Zerlina who read it!